Mejja : Why I Turned Down A Collaboration With Diamond Platnumz.

In 2020, a wave of viral rumors flooded online platforms, stirring considerable attention. Among these rumors was one suggesting that Diamond Platnumz had extended an offer to collaborate with Mejja through his management team, only to have Mejja decline the proposal.

During that period, Mejja was a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene, achieving success with every collaboration he undertook. His track “Utawezana” had garnered global acclaim, attracting interest from numerous artists eager to work with him.

Reports circulated that Mejja rejected the collaboration offer after being approached through Instagram, feeling slighted by what he perceived as a disrespectful method of contact.

Later, during an episode of the MicCheque podcast, Mejja confirmed the truth behind the rumors. He admitted to declining Diamond Platnumz’s collaboration due to his reservations about the Wasafi record label, indicating that there were aspects of their operation he found unappealing. Mejja hinted that while he refused the offer at that time, the possibility of collaboration with Diamond Platnumz or the label in the future remained uncertain.