“I Have No Intention Of Ever Looking For My Blood Dad” Ken Wakuraya Confesses

In a revealing conversation with Jeremy Damaris on Kenya Diaspora Media TV, Ken Wakuraya, a prominent TV presenter and country music artist, delved into the intricacies of his upbringing, particularly his relationship with his parents.

Ken recounted that he was raised solely by his mother in Muranga town, emphasizing her unwavering dedication and industrious nature as a businesswoman, which ensured a comfortable life for them both.

Despite curiosity about his father at one point, Ken’s mother’s poignant response, questioning what he lacked in life, resonated deeply with him. This perspective has led him to forego any pursuit of his paternal lineage, content with the love and support he received from his mother.

Ken attributes his belief in the power of hard work and divine providence as the guiding principles behind his success in life.

Reflecting on his journey to becoming a familiar face on Inooro TV, Ken credits his close friend Kimiti, who hosts the Mugambo wa Murimi show, for facilitating his entry into the television industry. Initially an actor and music producer at Simba Centre, Ken seized the opportunity when introduced to the CEO, eventually being selected alongside Muthoni Mukiri as the inaugural news anchors from a pool of numerous candidates.