Tanasha, Zuchu, Kibe And All The Celebs Diana B Has Dissed In New Song

Diana Marua aka Diana B is back with a new song. And she has more beef than Eric Omondi and Chebet Ronoh combined.

She promised to shake up the industry with her new song. And Diana B hasn’t disappointed. In the new song called ‘Narudi Soko’, Diana B trolls several celebrities and their failed relationships.

Here’s a rundown of every celeb she has dissed and what she says about them.

Famous couple Jimal Roho Safi and Amira rose to notoriety thanks to his involvement with socialite Amber Ray whom he took in as a second wife. In November 2021, Amira filed for a divorce and stated in a post that she will not allow Jimal to disrespect her again.

Tanasha Donna, Zuchu, Diamond

Tanasha is Diamond’s last girlfriend and she doesn’t seem to be healed from her ex even three years since their breakup. Recently, she seemed to break her silence on social media by making her first Instagram post ever since Diamond denied being in a romantic relationship with Zuchu. The caption that seemed to be sending a message to Simba. “…when your heart is burning & your tongue is silent

A couple of days back, Diana B made a post on her Instagram asking why Kibe is always on her case while he is still poor. She went on to add a caption from the new song saying that without mentioning her name Kibe would have no career. “Just Discovered that Without mentioning Diana B! this jamaa will have no Career 😂😂😂 Issorait!”

Yesterday, Kibe finally shot back at Diana B with a video titled ‘Nasikia Shosh Ananitafuta?’. The outspoken podcaster has downplayed the ‘broke’ jab saying that money is the least of his concerns. But just in case, he pointed to his lavish Mercedes Benz S550 as proof that he is not doing badly either. The car reportedly cost Kibe no less than Ksh 13 million. “S550 in you diabz, that’s all I’m going to say.”

Kibe rightly deduced that Diana B is riling up beef as a clout chasing tool for a new song. “She’s about to release a new song. One of those horrible songs of hers.”