“See You Soon”: Rick Ross Accepts To Work With Kenyan Artists After Cassypool’s Lecture

Rick Ross, the renowned American singer, found himself in the midst of controversy when Kenyan artist Cassypool Capon called him out for downplaying Kenyan artists. Responding to Cassypool’s criticisms, Ross took to his social media platforms and pledged to collaborate with Kenyan artists, although he refrained from specifying the particular artists he had in mind.

In a bold statement on his Instagram page, Rick Ross declared, “Big talk, no small talk, boy. Kenya is the home of legends. See you soon,” directly addressing Cassypool’s grievances.

Recently, Ross shared his intentions to collaborate with African artists in his upcoming 12th album, citing Tanzanian legend Diamond Platnumz and Nigerian Afrobeat sensations Asake and Davido. While this announcement showcased Ross’s eagerness to engage with African talent, it further fueled Cassypool’s dissatisfaction.

Cassypool Capon expressed his discontent, insinuating that Rick Ross was neglecting Kenyan artists, despite the country’s wealth of talent. He specifically pointed out Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan rapper, as an exemplary international artist. Cassypool vehemently asserted, “Kenya has produced international artists starting from our one and only Khaligraph Jones, the best rapper. You cannot compare Khaligraph Jones with any rapper within East Africa and out of East Africa or Africa at large.”

In an impassioned plea to recognize Kenya’s cultural and historical significance, Cassypool emphasized, “You go pick a village boy from Tandale, another village boy from Makonde, and you tell us you have picked artists… This is the country that has produced the first black American president; you must respect Kenya. This is the country that has produced the first athlete.”

In this unfolding narrative, the clash between Rick Ross’s international stature and Cassypool Capon’s defense of Kenyan talent underscores the ongoing dialogue about global recognition and appreciation for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.