“We’ve already Raised Over 72M”:Eric Omondi Gives Details Of Team Sisi Kwa Sisi

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has elaborated on the purpose and motivations behind the creation of Team Sisi Kwa Sisi, a foundation aimed at supporting Kenyans.

With 16 years in the limelight, Omondi recognized that relying on the government alone would not alleviate the struggles faced by many Kenyans. He initiated Team Sisi Kwa Sisi as a means of giving back to society, acknowledging the financial success he has achieved through his comedy career.

“This is how I decided to come up with this,” Omondi explained. “I’ve been here for 16 years since Churchill picked me from Daystar. Since 2008, in the limelight, making money and making Kenyans laugh. Over these 16 years, I realized that I’ve been taking and taking. Late last year, I noticed that I’ve never even visited a children’s home. As the third most followed person, I decided to use my accounts to help Kenyans. I said I’ll use my voice and my pages to be the voice of the voiceless and speak for those who can’t speak.”

Omondi highlighted the achievements of Team Sisi Kwa Sisi, stating that they have rescued 68 people, including a child who successfully underwent a kidney transplant.

“So far, we have helped 68 people and raised over 72 million shillings in seven months,” Omondi detailed.

He also shared his future plans for Team Sisi Kwa Sisi, emphasizing their commitment to expanding their efforts to build schools and launch more projects aimed at supporting Kenyans.

“We are going to help every Kenyan possible because Kenyans are on their own. We are not stopping; in fact, we have just begun. We’re going to structure it in a way that it will help millions of people. We will build schools to help Kenyans,” he concluded.

Team Sisi Kwa Sisi has been particularly active during the rainy season, assisting those affected by floods by providing safer housing and financial support to start new businesses.