“You are cute, young, rich, and famous” – Diamond defends Zuchu from trolls -

“You are cute, young, rich, and famous” – Diamond defends Zuchu from trolls

Amidst the backdrop of criticism, the musician Diamond Platnumz has penned a distinctive letter to his partner, Zuchu.

Zuchu has recently found herself subjected to a wave of criticism due to the relentless attacks launched by Diamond’s critics.

Prominent social commentator Mwijaku and Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi, who resides in the United States, have directed harsh language and insults towards Zuchu, prompting Diamond to intervene.

Chibu Dangote, in his heartfelt message, implored Zuchu not to dignify those who consistently belittle and foster animosity towards her, urging her to rise above.

He offered his assurance that he would confront all those responsible for causing sleepless nights to his artist-turned-girlfriend.

Going above and beyond, Platnumz showered Zuchu with accolades, reiterating her significance, prowess, and her entitlement to manage her time as she pleases.

“Distinguished by your charm, youthfulness, allure, affluence, and renown. You possess a love for people that extends even to the authorities. These critics are merely seeking unearned forgiveness, as they squandered their youth. Their only means of sustaining themselves now is by tarnishing others with falsehoods,” shared Diamond.

“Leave these matters to me; I will continue to engage with them for progress. Your responsibility is to revel in life like a queen, to sing, and relish in good times – in essence, to spend Diamond’s resources without reservation,” he added.

This expression arrives at a moment when the creator of the hit song “Honey” had also vowed to address those attacking Zuchu, even issuing a threat of legal action against Mwijaku, who directed offensive comments towards her mother.

Zuchu herself responded to the blogger Mange Kimambi, asserting that she harbors no fear and is consistently prepared to counteract her fabrications.

“Mwijaku, do not attempt to feign humility now. Your insults crossed a line when you targeted her. She holds a place akin to my deity here on Earth, and I will exhaust all means within my power to ensure your actions serve as a lesson to others.

Though you decline to answer my calls, rest assured that the message has been received,” cautioned Zuchu.