Death toll from Sultan Hamud lorry drowning incident rises to eight kenyans

It has come to light that eight individuals lost their lives when a truck they were traveling in on Friday afternoon was swept away by floods in Sultan Hamud, Makueni County.

On Saturday, locals recovered additional bodies from River Kwa Muswii, where the victims drowned.

Lucy Mulili, the Deputy Governor of Makueni, confirmed that 14 individuals had been rescued and taken to Sultan Hamud subcounty Hospital.

Tragically, eight others were found deceased and their bodies were transported to the hospital’s mortuary.

Mulili emphasized that rescue efforts have been expanded to encompass other rivers that flow into River Kwa Mus.

She urged local residents to remain vigilant downstream for any bodies that may have been carried away by the floodwaters.

The county authorities, along with the Kenya Red Cross, are still determining the precise number of individuals who were aboard the truck carrying sand and other construction materials in an attempt to cross the swollen river along the Kasikeu-Sultan Hamud road.

Reportedly, the ill-fated truck was transporting sand and other materials from Kasikeu Township when it was overwhelmed by the swift currents amidst heavy rainfall.

Witnesses claimed that the driver invited more passengers to board the truck in a bid to increase its weight and facilitate easier navigation through the water.

However, footage shared online depicted the truck losing balance and plunging into the river.

While some managed to swim to safety, others faced significant challenges.

The Kenya Red Cross promptly responded to the scene and rescued seven individuals. By 7pm on Friday, four more individuals had been rescued, bringing the total number of survivors to 11.

Authorities have reported that over 70 people have perished due to floods, resulting in the displacement of thousands. This unfortunate situation coincides with the reopening of schools for the second term.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued advisories urging citizens to take precautionary measures in anticipation of heavy rainfall in the upcoming days.