Samido Set To Visit Eleven States In His USA Tour

Samidoh To Visit Eleven States In His USA Tour

Samidoh USA tours comes immediately after he celebrated his birthday in children’s home. Samidoh and who is a kikuyu mugithi musician is going out of the country for two months and where he will visit several states in the united states of America. 

The Kenyan benga musician is set yo visit eleven states where he will start with Dallas on 6th November and his last state will be Seattle on 18 December.

The artist is among the best musicians who have made a hit in their music career. Samidoh is also a government employee where he works as an administration police.

Samidoh went ahead in his Facebook page to wish his fans all the best as he leaves the country. Fans in large numbers commented in his page and went on wishing Samidoh safe journey to the United states of America. The musician is set to be in USA for the next two months. All the best Sam. 

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