Kenol overtakes Murang'a, Town attracts high-end businesses -

Kenol overtakes Murang’a, Town attracts high-end businesses

Kenol, a town located in the central region of Kenya, has recently overtaken Murang’a as the preferred location for high-end businesses. This shift in preference can be attributed to a number of factors, including the improved infrastructure in Kenol, the abundance of available land for development, and the strategic location of the town which makes it easily accessible from major cities.

One of the main reasons why Kenol has attracted high-end businesses is the improved infrastructure in the town. In recent years, the government has invested heavily in the upgrading of roads, water and electricity supply, and telecommunications in Kenol. This has made it easier for businesses to set up operations in the town and has also attracted more investors to the area.

Another factor that has contributed to the growth of Kenol is the availability of land for development. The town has a large supply of land that is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential use, which has attracted businesses looking to expand or set up new operations.

Finally, the strategic location of Kenol has also played a role in its growth. The town is located along the main highway that connects Nairobi to other major cities in Kenya, which makes it easily accessible for both businesses and customers.

In conclusion, Kenol has overtaken Murang’a as the preferred location for high-end businesses due to its improved infrastructure, available land for development, and strategic location. This has helped the town to attract a diverse range of businesses and has contributed to its overall growth and development.