Carol Sonnie Fires Back At Mulamwah- “He Can’t Do Without Me”

Kenyan content creator Carrol Muthoni, popularly known as Carrol Sonie and also Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, has responded defiantly to Mulamwah’s recent baby daddy challenge. In a video posted on social media, Carrol Sonie portrayed herself as a self-proclaimed “Toxic Baby Mama,” unapologetically asserting her perspective on their co-parenting dynamics.

In the video, Carrol Sonie declared her willingness to block her ex, even if he attempts to contact her through a fake account, emphasizing her status as a “Toxic Baby Mama.” She openly admitted to spreading content about their child’s father, stating that she controls the narrative and that he cannot function without her involvement.

This response from Carrol Sonie follows Mulamwah’s earlier revelation of the challenges he faces as a baby daddy in Kenya. Mulamwah, in a separate social media video, expressed the prevailing perception that he is the source of the issues in their co-parenting relationship. He revealed that he seldom gets to see his child and that the child has been told he passed away, adding that the mother has blocked him.

Mulamwah went on to address the criticism he faces regarding his personal life, emphasizing that he is just living his life and questioning whether he is not allowed to marry. Despite the challenges, he hinted at preparing for a future when his presence might be required, acknowledging that he has been blocked and faces a lack of trust from others as a baby daddy in Kenya.

The history between Mulamwah and Carrol involves a breakup in 2021, with Mulamwah accusing Carrol of infidelity and publicly disclosing the details of their relationship on social media. The ongoing public exchange between them highlights the complexities and challenges of co-parenting in the public eye.