I envy my friends’ progress because I Wasted my first million on Alcohol & Women, OJ says

Dennis Mugo, better known as OJ from the renowned TV series Tahidi High, reflects with deep regret on the choices he made during his youth when he had ample money and opportunities.

Struggling with depression exacerbated by his fame, OJ found himself sinking into the depths of alcoholism as his celebrity status waned.

In a recent debut on his YouTube channel, OJ candidly admitted that his arrogance cost him a stable financial footing.

Recalling his journey, OJ revealed that his indulgence in smoking and drinking, which began as early as Form Two in school, evolved into significant vices that he disregarded despite their detrimental effects.

“I started smoking in Form 2, and by Form 3, alcohol became a regular part of my life,” he confessed, illustrating a classic case of learning life’s lessons the hard way.

Upon joining Tahidi High and ascending to stardom, OJ found himself courted by corporate entities for lucrative advertising and brand endorsement deals, amassing considerable wealth. However, he squandered it all on alcohol and luxuries associated with celebrity life.

“The repercussions of these habits have haunted me for years. I’m approaching 35, yet I’ve been evading the consequences of my actions… I made my first million, but what did I do with it? Absolutely nothing,” he lamented.

Reflecting on the achievements of his peers, OJ experiences profound anguish, realizing that he wasted precious opportunities on drinking and revelry.

This marked the onset of his battle with depression, as he came face to face with the harsh reality of his squandered potential.

“Poor investment choices due to bad habits continue to haunt me to this day. I reached a point where I spiraled into depression,” he confessed, admitting that alcohol, humor, and cigarettes served as temporary masks for his inner turmoil.

As Tahidi High came to an end, OJ’s drinking intensified to the extent that it contributed to the dissolution of his marriage. His wife, unable to endure his addiction any longer, ultimately left him, though he finds solace in their shared parenthood.

Today, OJ has found employment as a communications officer with the Embu County government, endeavoring to rebuild his life from the ruins of his past mistakes.

His story mirrors those of Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan), Samuel Kinuthia (Omosh), and Mr. Mweposi, who, in separate interviews, have also opened up about their struggles with depression and alcoholism.

All four confess that their downward spirals were fueled by the celebrity mentality fostered by the once-popular show, serving as a poignant reminder of the perils that accompany fame and success.