Wife stabs her husband to death 5 weeks after their wedding

Tragic news emerges revealing a distressing incident involving a 20-year-old woman named Aisha Aliyu, who reportedly took the life of her husband, Idris Ahmadu, in Nasarawa village, Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State. The unfortunate incident occurred around 1 am on Monday, February 12, 2024.

The couple had recently entered into matrimony on December 31, 2023. Reports indicate that a minor disagreement took place between them on Sunday evening, which was seemingly resolved before bedtime. However, tragedy struck around midnight when the mother of the deceased heard him screaming.

Upon investigation by the mother and other residents, they discovered him in a pool of blood at the doorstep as he attempted to flee the room. The wife was nowhere to be found at the scene. Sources revealed that the wife initially stabbed her husband in the chest before eventually taking his life.

When questioned about the nature of their union, it was disclosed that the couple had been in a long-term relationship, beginning from their secondary school days. Despite some earlier uncertainties regarding the marriage, including the wife’s contemplation of marrying someone else, they managed to resolve their differences and proceeded with the wedding.

An insider shared, “Before the marriage, she said she was no longer interested in the relationship, but the issue was resolved, and she agreed eventually, not knowing that this was her plan. She said she had a new suitor.”

The spokesperson for the Niger State Police Command, DSP Wasiu Abiodun, confirmed the unfortunate incident to the media. The circumstances surrounding this tragic event shed light on the complexities and challenges that can arise within intimate relationships, leaving a community in shock and sorrow.