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Gospel artist Justina Syokau recently opened up about her tumultuous marriage, pointing to infidelity as the primary cause for its downfall….CONTINUE READING

In a candid interview with Obinna, she revealed that her marriage unraveled just a few months after dating her ex-husband. Although he claimed to have entered the union as a virgin, his virginity was lost shortly after their wedding.

During the conversation, Justina discussed the challenges she faced in her marriage, detailing her earnest attempts to salvage the relationship. Despite her efforts, she admitted that watching old movies as a means of improvement proved ineffective.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with the traditional advice from elders, Justina stated, “It is not sweet at all. They’re not very helpful. When faced with marital injustices, one often imagines it will be resolved amicably.”

In a prior interview with Standard Entertainment, Justina delved further into the reasons behind her decision to leave. She cited conflicts, violence, a sense of insecurity, and disrespect, even in the presence of her husband’s family.

Aside from enduring physical abuse, she frequently felt humiliated by her spouse about her family and expressed concerns about financial neglect. She highlighted her lack of influence in household decisions, lamenting, “Even though I am a woman, I have no say in the house.”

Justina recounted the hardships she faced post-separation, describing how she left home with her children, including a newborn, and almost reached the point of collapse due to financial struggles and humiliation.

The aftermath of the separation proved challenging, leaving her homeless and without support from both strangers and family. Justina shared, “It’s too much to bear. I had to leave home, enduring the cold weather with my two-week-old baby. I walked extensively, having had a cesarean section and lost a considerable amount of blood. I even contracted an illness while on the road.”

Efforts to reconcile with her parents in Machakos proved futile, compelling her to return to Nairobi, where her husband continued to ignore her attempts at reconciliation.