It was a huge boost for Kalonzo Musyoka and
Wiper party yesterday after their candidate for
the Machakos gubernatorial seat, Wavinya Ndeti,
was cleared to run.
The High Court overturned an earlier ruling by
the Independent Electoral and Boundaries
Commission (IEBC) Tribunal barring her from
running for the seat.
The IEBC’s disputes tribunal had ruled that
Wavinya committed an electoral offence by

being a member of two political parties, namely
Wiper and her own Chama Cha Uzalendo, and
therefore nullified her candidature.
But at the Kilimani Law Court yesterday, Justice
George Odunga, ruled that the IEBC Tribunal had
no powers to nullify the decision by the Political
Parties Disputes Tribunal that cleared Wavinya
to vie for the Machakos governor seat on a
Wiper Party ticket.
In his ruling, Justice Odunga further faulted the
IEBC for not investigating the coalition
agreement between the Chama Cha Uzalendo
and Wiper party.
After the ruling, an emotional Wavinya Ndeti was
spotted making the sign of the cross to thank
Speaking to journalists, she said that IEBC could
have consulted with the relevant authorities to
save them this shame.
“IEBC need to be fair, if they could have
consulted the Registrar of Political Parties, we
could not have reached here. Today it has been
seen that Kenya is bigger than Chebukati. All
this is now the past I have forgiven IEBC, and I
urge them to conduct free and fair elections in
August. I want to thank people of Machakos for
standing strong with me,” said Wavinya.
#MachakosDecides . Above all I thank
Almighty God and people of Machakos for
their continued support. To IEBC; I
10:48 AM – 21 Jun 2017
109 227 Hon.Wavinya Ndeti
Here are some of the comments following the
land,mark ruling.
How Dr. Alfred Mutua is viewing news
about Wavinya Ndeti clearance by Justice
9:49 AM – 21 Jun 2017
50 53 Surae Amos
Trust Me: Wavinya Ndeti will be the next
Waiguru if elected as Machakos County
Governor, I don’t trust this lady, better
Mutua or Lemi Muia
10:33 AM – 21 Jun 2017
Believe when I say the Judicial arm is the
only Independent organ in this Country
with Wavinya Ndeti being the beneficiary
of a just system
11:19 AM – 21 Jun 2017
6 8 George Alwang’a
Congratulations Hon. Wavinya Ndeti. But
just a minute, did I hear you say
” ….Yaliyo Ndwele tupite…….?” Someone
12:36 PM – 21 Jun 2017 Bramwel Apwoka
Alfred Mutua should work on resuming his
former office of Government Spokesman as
Wavinya Ndeti becomes next Governor of
Machakos County
9:31 AM – 21 Jun 2017
53 79 Nelson Havi
Alfred Mutua right now after realizing
Wavinya Ndeti is cleared to vie on Aug 8th
9:06 AM – 21 Jun 2017
19 49 Frank Wanga™🐦 @Frank_Wanga
Wavinya Ndeti’s woes prove incumbents
are still disproportionately advantaged at
polls relative to non-incumbents in
emerging democracies
9:24 AM – 21 Jun 2017
143 65 Leon Lidigu
Wavinya ndeti after winning the machakos
Gubernatorial seat today . Mutua is
finished. Back to government spokes
10:53 AM – 21 Jun 2017
10 17 J M
Wavinya Ndeti is the next Machakos
Governor this is not debatable.
10:00 AM – 21 Jun 2017
40 50 Kenya West©
Can Opponents & Mercenaries hired to
stop Wavinya Ndeti end their futile
schemes? Wavinya Ndeti is the next
Governor of Machakos. Period.
9:47 AM – 21 Jun 2017
244 348 Donald B Kipkorir
The Wavinya Ndeti Saga shows IEBC Is
taking instructions from State House
instead of following the Law. Very
Miserable Toys #fb
9:06 AM – 21 Jun 2017
408 359 Cyprian, Is Nyakundi
How @DrAlfredMutua reacted when he
heard that @Wavinya_Ndeti has been
cleared by the court to vie for Machakos
12:27 PM – 21 Jun 2017 maitha mgogo junior
Someone will be back shooting movies
pretty soon,Wavinya Ndeti will get the job
12:18 PM – 21 Jun 2017
1 Mwendwa Mbithi
What Did Dr Alfred Mutua Do To Deserve
This Forthcoming Shameful Defeat By Hon.
Wavinya Ndeti??
12:01 PM – 21 Jun 2017

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