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Drama In Murang’a As Lady Is Busted In The Act With Another Lady.

There was drama in Murang’a town after a lady was busted making out with another lady said to be her neighbour’s daughter.

The lady identified as Ann Njeri is said to have been caught by a neighbour who had gone to check on her.

Speakings to, the neighbor who sort annonimity said that she busted Ann making out with another lady identified as Sarah Njambi, 21 years old, where she raised an alarm.

“I had gone to check on Ann because i had not seen her for a week. I was shocked beyond words after finding her having sex with Sarah since they had not locked the door,” the neighbor said.

Curious residents condemned the act saying that that is something that has never happened in the town.

Defending herself, Ann said that she loves women more than men and has been making out with ladies since highschool.

“I dont see anything wrong with what i did. Its my life so i dont know why you all are angry with my life,” Ann said.

She went to add that she will vacate from her apartment and move to an unknown place to avoid stigmatisation.

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