Wife Dumps Husband After Finding Him in the act with Another Woman Inside the Church Toilet -

Wife Dumps Husband After Finding Him in the act with Another Woman Inside the Church Toilet

Benson Ngeno, aged 30 and hailing from Nakuru, reached out for a chance at reconciliation during a segment of the Radio Jambo Patanisho show. He sought to mend his relationship with his estranged wife, Faith Kipkorir, who parted ways with him just last month.

Benson disclosed that their marriage of six years had encountered substantial hurdles, primarily stemming from their inability to conceive a child together.

“Last month, we had a disagreement. We’ve been married for six years now, yet we haven’t been blessed with a child. I entered the marriage with a child from a previous relationship. The pressure from our families regarding my wife’s inability to conceive has been intense,” Benson expressed.

Revealing more about the circumstances, Benson shared that Faith departed after discovering his involvement with another woman at the church where he held a position as a property manager.

“While I was fulfilling my duties at the church, I unfortunately introduced another woman into the scenario, and this came to light through a series of events. My wife’s reaction was understandably one of great anger. I ended up losing my job at the church due to this incident, which further fueled her anger, leading to her departure. I attempted to communicate with her recently, but she immediately hung up upon recognizing my voice,” he recounted.

He went on, acknowledging his mistake, “Yes, I indeed allowed another woman into my life during this time. I believed this might help identify any issues between us. Regrettably, we hadn’t sought medical advice to address our fertility concerns. My intent in reaching out is to extend my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to meet her in person. Her decision to blacklist me has made it challenging to bridge the distance, compounded by connectivity issues in her area.”

When Faith was reached for her perspective, she asserted that her partner had engaged in extramarital affairs consistently throughout their relationship.

Moreover, she emphasized that she had severed all ties with him and implored him to move forward.

“His claim is completely false. He’s fabricating stories of his involvements with other women during the entirety of our partnership. Initially, he was discovered in a situation involving the pastor. I’ve endured his behavior for a significant duration, but I’ve reached my limit. I’ve unequivocally parted ways with him,” Faith stated.

Addressing the matter of childlessness, Faith clarified that her decision was motivated by personal considerations.

“The decision was mine alone. I communicated to him that he hasn’t treated me properly. He has never made an effort to visit my family, yet he expects me to bear his child,” she asserted.

Despite Benson’s continued efforts to apologize and seek reconciliation, his appeals were met with resolute refusal.

“Our relationship is beyond repair. Please respect my wish for solitude. You can continue with your life and other relationships. I will raise my child independently. How many instances of forgiveness have I extended to you? It’s time for you to move forward,” Faith firmly conveyed to Benson.

Following this exchange, Benson had no option but to accept Faith’s decision, who had already found a new partner.

“I acknowledge and accept your decision. However, please know that my love for you remains, even as I acknowledge your choice,” he said.

Faith’s stance remained unwavering: “He should proceed with his own life.”