controversial tycoon behind Modern Coast bus

Modern Coast is a well-known bus service company that serves as a vital link between major towns in East Africa. The late Shahid Pervez Butt, a wealthy businessman, was the owner of this renowned company, along with various properties in the coastal region either directly or through his companies, such as Blue Bell Properties and Premac Properties.

Tragically, Shahid Pervez Butt was assassinated on July 11, 2014, while driving from Moi International Airport in Mombasa. Following his untimely demise, a conflict arose among his two widows and son regarding the control of his substantial estate worth Sh5 billion.

After eight long years, the succession case finally reached a resolution in the High Court. Justices Eric Ogola, Patrick Otieno, and Njoki Mwangi presided over the case, making significant decisions that we will delve into shortly. This article will focus on the properties owned by Shahid Pervez Butt, the conflicts surrounding his estate, his untimely death, and the subsequent court case.

Shahid Pervez Butt’s extensive estate comprised 209 motor vehicles, primarily luxurious buses that formed part of the fleet of Modern Coast Express Limited. Additionally, he held ownership of numerous houses, plots, and commercial properties along the coast, both directly and through various companies like Blue Bell Properties and Premac Properties.

The substantial cash flows generated by Butt’s real estate and transportation ventures were channeled and invested in offshore tax jurisdictions, with reputable wealth management institutions. These arrangements reflected his sophisticated and globally astute approach to managing his estate. However, the true extent and origins of Butt’s wealth, estimated to be Sh5 billion, remain largely undisclosed. The businessman seldom appeared in the limelight, only occasionally garnering attention due to disputes involving his commercial interests or facing criminal charges in court.

Following Shahid Pervez Butt’s demise, a conflict ensued between his two widows, Mrs. Akhtar Butt and Mrs. Regine Butt, as well as his son, Haroon Butt, regarding the control of his estate. The dispute dragged on for eight years until it was ultimately resolved by the High Court bench. The case involved the distribution of various properties, including companies like Blue Bell Properties, Modern Coast Builders & Constructors, Pribhai Jivanjee and Company Ltd, and Vantage Point Clearing and Forwarding Ltd, among others. Notably, it also encompassed entities such as Modern Coast Road Transporters, Vantage Road Transporters, Modern Coast Express, and Modern Coast Courier.

Shahid Pervez Butt met his tragic end on July 11, 2014, while driving from Moi International Airport in Mombasa. Prior to his death, he faced charges related to terrorism financing and incitement to violence, brought against him by the government. It is worth mentioning that Butt operated a secretive business empire, with a portion of his assets established in tax havens located in the Western world, including the island of Jersey. The true nature and sources of Mr. Butt’s wealth continue to remain veiled in secrecy.

The High Court bench, comprising Justices Eric Ogola, Patrick Otieno, and Njoki Mwangi, played a pivotal role in the resolution of the succession case. They determined the distribution of the estate among the heirs. Mrs. Akhtar Butt and her son, Haroon Butt, along with Mrs. Regine Butt and her two minor children, were the rightful beneficiaries according to the court’s decision.

In terms of the property distribution, the judges directed that Akhtar and Regine receive 6.25 percent each of the estate, while Haroon receives 35 percent. The two minor children were awarded 35 percent and 17 percent, respectively. The court also mandated the equal