” This is Not Content it’s Disrespect to Women,” Akothee Calls Out Andrew Kibe in New Post

Esther Akoth, a well-known Kenyan musician and entrepreneur, who goes by the stage name Akothee, expressed her displeasure with Andrew Kibe, a Kenyan media personality based in the United States.

In a lengthy social media post, Akothee accused Kibe of consistently disrespecting women for the sake of generating content. She expressed disappointment that Kibe, who has a significant following of young people, is feeding them with misleading information and toxicity.

According to Akothee, Kibe’s constant comments and requests for parents to conduct DNA tests are traumatizing for children. She went on to suggest that individuals who follow Kibe are likely to be toxic as well.

Akothee further claimed that Kibe thrives on monitoring other people’s lives and challenged him to document his life in the US for a week without mentioning other people. She also cautioned Kibe to be careful so that his obsession with meddling in other people’s affairs does not land him in jail. Lastly, Akothee pointed out that Kibe’s father is unknown to the public.