“Men are dating the body while women are dating the pocket” – Soso on why couples are unhappy

Soso Soberekon, a Nigerian talent manager, recently took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts on the reasons behind the unhappiness of many couples in relationships and marriages. In his post, Soberekon expressed that many people enter relationships based on superficial reasons, rather than love and commitment.

He claimed that most men are attracted to women for their physical appearance, while women are drawn to men based on their financial status. Soberekon believes that this approach to dating is a recipe for failure and unhappiness since marriage is not about looks or financial status, but rather about a lifelong bond and unending friendship.

Soberekon further emphasized his belief that good husbands do not necessarily have big manhood. He gave this advice to women when selecting a partner, stating that when a woman finds a man who meets all her criteria, she should not focus on the size of his penis.

In summary, Soberekon encourages individuals to seek love and commitment over superficial qualities in their relationships, recognizing that true happiness in marriage stems from a deeper connection and bond beyond external factors.