” Tulikuwa Tumechanga Pesa Za Kuenda Kitui Kuroga Dj Fatxo”. -

” Tulikuwa Tumechanga Pesa Za Kuenda Kitui Kuroga Dj Fatxo”.

Jeff Mwathi’s ongoing demonstrations and the investigation into his death have revealed that the 23-year-old designer was killed and it was not a suicide case as previously claimed by Dj Fatxo and his team. One of Jeff’s close friends, Peter Kioi, has been at the forefront of the demonstrations, pushing for swift justice.

During an interview, Peter expressed his readiness to die for justice for Jeff, emphasizing that such evil acts cannot be allowed to happen in the nation and that the police must not cover up for the killers. When the investigation seemed to be progressing slowly, Peter and Jeff’s friends had already collected enough money to seek the services of a witchdoctor in Kitui. However, after the DCI report and the efforts of the homicide team, they decided to give the money to Jeff’s mother for upkeep and support during this difficult time.

Peter and the entire team remain optimistic that justice will prevail, with the possibility of Jeff’s body being exhumed for a postmortem examination, and the killers being held accountable for their actions.