Kofi Asiedu: I Made sh.1600 per hour working as a dishwasher in Germany

In Germany, behind the bustling scenes of restaurants and kitchens, the unsung heroes tackling an unending avalanche of dirty dishes are the diligent dishwashers. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every meal is presented on pristine plates. Kofi Asiedu, a Ghanaian hailing from Germany, recently offered insight into his occupation, where he divulged his monthly earnings amounting to a substantial sum of 237,000.

At first glance, one might consider this an effortless source of income, but according to Kofi, the life of a dishwasher is far from a leisurely walk in the park. He commits eight hours of his day, five days a week, laboring tirelessly at a rate of 1607 per hour. His grueling routine entails standing on his feet for extended periods, scrubbing dishes and utensils, with only brief 10 to 20-minute respites dispersed throughout his long shifts. Multi-tasking or indulging in the distractions of social media is simply not an option; the job demands unwavering attention and wholehearted dedication.

As Kofi explains, “Here you can’t be working and also engage in other activities like browsing social media to keep up with current events because your supervisor won’t allow it.” Kofi Asiedu’s advice to fellow expatriates and their families back home is noteworthy. He advises against squandering the funds sent from abroad, highlighting the sacrifices and relentless toil that immigrants often endure to support their loved ones from a distance.

On the internet, netizens have showered Kofi with praise for his unyielding work ethic, humility, and devotion to his blue-collar job. One individual remarked, “One thing I have learned from this gentleman is that he exudes humility, as a job of this nature necessitates a humble individual. I work as a housekeeper in a hotel, so I understand what I’m talking about.” Another online commentator expressed their admiration, saying, “Congratulations to him for sharing his story… many others wouldn’t open up in this manner.”