Ngoma za Stevo ni kama za Watoto wa Primary”, Krg Thee Don takes dig at Rapper Simple Boy

In a conversation with a local YouTuber, the artist behind the hit song ‘mambo imechemka’ strongly emphasized that Stevo did not match up to his level. He drew a comparison between Stevo’s musical prowess and songs typically sung by primary school students.

The singer contended that Kenyans only perceived Stevo as more talented due to his ‘humorous’ appearance. He remarked, “If Stevo didn’t have that look, you wouldn’t be listening to him because I feel his songs are akin to those sung by primary school kids or kindergarten children.”

Addressing the ongoing feud, he cautioned Stevo against engaging in a rivalry, suggesting that whoever was advising Stevo to do so should stop leading him astray. He added a warning about the consequences, stating, “If you seek beef with KRG, I’ll give you that clout, but my clout comes with its ailments—depression, low self-esteem, bringing instability to your financial status.”

Responding to queries from fans about why he referred to Stevo as a scarecrow, the singer defended himself by highlighting the various names he has been called based on his skin color. He questioned the derogatory nature of being called “lightskin” and expressed frustration at being labeled “KRG the donkey,” emphasizing, “Do I look like a donkey?”

In a previous encounter, the artist had called out Stevo for claiming not to know him. He dismissed Stevo as a young and insignificant entity in his eyes, warning him against any attempt to compare their musical standing. Mockingly, he suggested dressing Stevo as a scarecrow to work on his farm due to his intimidating appearance, concluding that Stevo’s face was too frightening for any comparison to a handsome man like himself.