I Once Fell In A Toilet While Dancing " Embarambamba
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“I Once Fell In A Toilet While Dancing ” Embarambamba

Christopher Musyoma alias Embarambamba, , has been a subject of attention after videos of him acting like a lunatic while dancing went viral. However, the musician doesn’t do his music while under any influence of drugs or liquor.

He was almost knocked by a motorcycle while doing one of his dramatic acts. Days before this, KFCM CEO Ezekiel Mutua advised the musician to stop hurting himself. He wrote to him;

Embarambamba on his side said that he loves to include comedy and theatrics into his gospel music. He once fell in a latrine while performing in a ceremony. He uncovered the incident on Jalang’o TV;

Sasa kufika apo kwa uwanja, hio ngoma ikawekwa. Wamama ndio hawa, furaha ikanishika. Saa ile na roll, nikasonga kidogo kutoka kwa sherehe. Saa ile na roll ivo karibu na corner, nikapata naingia kwa shimo. Uzuri hio choo ilikuwa imetangulishwa udongo kidogo…

Embrambamba however confirms his acts have never gotten him to a hospital. He is currently looking for more monetary help from his fans to accomplish his dream of doing more collaborations with other artists in Kenya.

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