“He Didn’t Allow Me To Go Back” Akothee Recalls How Omondi SMASHED Her On 2nd Date  -

“He Didn’t Allow Me To Go Back” Akothee Recalls How Omondi SMASHED Her On 2nd Date 

The mother of five shared insights into her relationship with Omosh on July 16, 2023, as they celebrated their first anniversary as a couple.

Akothee expressed that Omosh became attached to her on their second date, which solidified their connection as a couple.

Sharing her love story, Akothee revealed that she met her husband in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 16, 2022, by the Zug Lake. On July 18, 2022, they had their second date in Bern, near the Murten Sea. Amusingly, Omosh didn’t let her return to her residence and stuck by her side. They even traveled together to Dusseldorf, Germany, where Akothee had a show that unfortunately didn’t go as planned. The promoter refused to pay her the show balance because she showed up with Omosh, while he expected her to be alone. Despite this setback, the show was sold out.

Akothee then shared that on their third date, which took place in the mountains, Denis Omondi (Omosh) impressed her with his romantic gestures. Overwhelmed with emotions, she agreed when he proposed to her and asked if he could introduce her to his family. They then traveled to Italy, where Omosh proudly presented his future wife on his mother’s birthday. Akothee humorously recalled how, on August 6, she had a 30-minute introduction to her mother-in-law in German. She candidly mentioned being a mother of five and having experienced several failed relationships, but she expressed her readiness to try again. Akothee described Omosh’s family as calm, private, and not active on social media.

Akothee reminisced about returning to Kenya to prepare for their wedding, but encountered numerous challenges along the way. Their plans faced unexpected changes, including venue and theme alterations. It was a difficult period for everyone involved.

She affectionately explained that the name “Omosh” was derived from her, admiring her husband’s morning routine and how he carries out his responsibilities. Omondi embodies the qualities she has always desired in a man, sharing a similar work ethic.

Reflecting on their journey, Akothee revealed that they discovered they were expecting a child on November 4, 2022, marking the beginning of their parenting journey. Omosh named their unborn baby Esedua. He returned to his home country to share the news with his family and came back on December 16, 2022. Sadly, on December 17, they experienced the loss of their pregnancy, while coincidentally, Omosh’s pigs were delivered. They faced numerous challenges behind the scenes, including family disputes, business matters, their relationship, the upcoming wedding, the loss of their unborn child, and online trolls spreading false stories on blogs and social media.

Ultimately, Akothee declared that their first year together was a period of understanding the true essence of love. She expressed her deep love for Omosh and wished him a happy anniversary, emphasizing her affection.