Lucy Maina, Becky Citizen TV Main Actress Real Life, Biography, Age and Pictures

Becky Citizen TV is one of the most viewed Television series in Kenya at the moment.

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Trisha Khalid of Becky: PHOTO COURTESY/ Instagram

The show features one of the most talented actors who are famous in Kenya in their different career paths.

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In this article,muranganews is going to look at Becky Citizen TV main actress biography and her life beyond acting. 

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Lucy Maina actress

Becky Citizen TV actors names

Junior (Employee’s son who was in love with Becky ) – Andrew Levi

Trisha – Trisha Khalid  

Becky- Lucy Maina   

Sally-Maureen Muthoni 

Tito- Sammy Mwangi 

Martha-Monica Nimu 

Chantelle Naisola Biography
Shantel Becky / Chantelle Naisola/ Instagram : PHOTO COURTESY

Shantel-Chantelle Naisola 


Becky Citizen TV main actress name 

Becky who is well now across the country, real name is Lucy Maina.

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Lucy Maina /PHOTO COURTESY / Instagram

Lucy Maina is the main character in the citizen TV show, and portrays the life of a househelp who is in love with her employee’s son, Junior.

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However Junior’s mother at the show (Becky in Citizen TV) , opposes the relationship between the two, hence forcing her son to marry her ‘toxic’ girlfriend Trisha.

Before featuring in Becky, Lucy Maina was an actress in the Show Max series, Second Wife where she played as Detective Beyl.

Lexy of Becky and Tito
Tito and Lexy of Becky Citizen TV

Becky Citizen TV main actress age and real life 

According to reports, Becky is in her mid 20’s despite keeping her personal life off the limelight.

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Lucy Maina /PHOTO COURTESY/ Instagram

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However muranganews has managed to collect some of Becky citizen TV main actress pictures on her Instagram.

As per the photos, Becky is quite outgoing and a simple lady who seemingly doesn’t show off a lot.

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Is Becky Citizen TV married?

Lucy Maina Becky is not yet married and she has often not opened up about relationship status.

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Lucy Maina Becky real life : PHOTO COURTESY

We will keep you updated any moment we get information about her relationship or even marriage.

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