“Watu wa Degree Msikuje kwa Kanisa Yangu”, Pastor Nganga tells Graduates

The leader of the Neno Church, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, has left many in shock after issuing a stern warning to his congregation members who have academic degrees.

In a surprising declaration, the pastor urged those with academic degrees to refrain from attending his church if they were unwilling to submit to his leadership, even in the absence of a degree.

Ng’ang’a’s statement comes at a time when discussions are ongoing regarding government proposals to regulate churches and require pastors to have a basic education in theology.

In a video posted online, Ng’ang’a is heard using strong language and making emphatic statements regarding parishioners with degrees.

“If you have a degree, don’t come to my sermons. Go to your churches where you attend two-minute services. You cannot rule in matters of the spirit. Let the educated respect one another. David did not go to school, and even the prophets he anointed did not attend school,” he declared.

Ng’ang’a also criticized educated individuals for allegedly harming the world, especially on issues like homosexuality.

“The educated people have ruined the world. They are the ones who brought up the issue of homosexuality. Judges endorsed homosexuality, and we all witnessed it. Then you say that uneducated preachers cannot preach in Kenya. Why is that?” he questioned.

He also accused the government of valuing the educated over others, stating that they prioritize academic qualifications.

The video was published on TikTok by a user named Hillary Kipsang.

In another online video, the preacher announced that he would not allow people to enter his church if they failed to make offerings after being anointed with holy oil.

“If I anoint you and you fail to return here with your offerings, you will not enter. If you feel like going to Mombasa, go,” he proclaimed.

Previously, Ng’ang’a had left many stunned when he rejected an offering of Ksh 500 from a member.

Ng’ang’a was angered by a worshiper who gave him a Ksh 500 offering and asked him to remember his entire family in prayer.

His response sparked outrage among many who criticized him for refusing a small donation.