Mary Kilobi Turns to Prayer After Tiba Asilia Predicts Her Husband’s Atwoli Death

Mary Kilobi Atwoli has recently turned to prayer to seek divine protection for her husband, Francis Atwoli, following a prophecy predicting his demise. Reacting to this prophecy, Kilobi found solace in scripture, particularly Isaiah 54:15, which assures protection against adversaries. She firmly expressed her faith in divine intervention, believing that any gathering or scheme aimed at her husband would ultimately fail.

Quoting Isaiah 54 once more, Kilobi emphasized her conviction that no weapon formed against Atwoli would succeed. She shared verses like Isaiah 54:17, reinforcing her belief in divine safeguarding against harm, stating that no weapon forged against him would prosper. Her post resonated with her followers, who rallied behind her in prayer and support for Atwoli’s safety.

Comments from Kilobi’s followers echoed her sentiments, with many expressing solidarity and trust in divine intervention. Gladysmkamburi affirmed her belief in Atwoli’s protection through the blood of Jesus, while Meble Luke and Sellyamutabi echoed similar sentiments, declaring that no weapon formed against him would prosper. Wambui Mwangi joined in prayer, invoking the powerful name of Jesus to thwart any predictions of harm against Atwoli.