Fierce Bahati and wife finally break silence after Pastor Ezekiel’s brutal ‘Diana’ comments -

Fierce Bahati and wife finally break silence after Pastor Ezekiel’s brutal ‘Diana’ comments

Bahati and Diana Marua Respond to Controversial Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Remarks on Marrying Women Named Diana

In a recent turn of events, Bahati and Diana Marua have stepped up to address the controversial comments made by Pastor Ezekiel Odero. These comments, which advised men to steer clear of women named Diana, caused quite a stir and have elicited a strong response from the celebrity couple.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s statement raised eyebrows as he questioned whether anyone had ever witnessed a harmonious marriage involving a woman named Diana. He went on to suggest that marrying a Diana might result in a loss of control, as if the husband were reduced to a mere robot. Odero also expressed the belief that traditional gender roles could be reversed if one were to marry a Diana, with the woman taking on the role typically attributed to the husband.

Bahati, not one to shy away from controversy, quickly responded by questioning the legitimacy of Odero’s prophetic claims. He openly pondered whether Odero could genuinely be considered a true prophet and urged him to refrain from leading the church astray. Taking the opportunity to celebrate seven golden years of marriage with his beloved Diana Marua, Bahati emphatically declared that Dianas are, in fact, the best partners one could hope for.

Meanwhile, Diana Marua herself did not hold back in her response to Pastor Ezekiel Odero. She accused him of being dishonest and cautioned against entering into a marriage with someone of his ilk. Diana emphasized that individuals like Odero possess the ability to look you straight in the eyes and tell blatant lies. In a cryptic reference to a “SHAKAHOLA MASSACRE,” Diana raised serious questions about Odero’s credibility, leaving many curious about the details of this intriguing allusion.

In conclusion, Bahati and Diana Marua have not only defended their name and marriage but have also sparked a lively discussion surrounding Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s controversial remarks. It remains to be seen how this public exchange will impact Odero’s standing within the church and the perception of women named Diana in relationships.