Bizzare international Women

Husband allegedly bites off wife’s nose in her father’s house then shares suicide note on Facebook after he was outed.

A man who took to social media to celebrate his wife few days ago has now been accused of biting off her nose in her father’s homestead.

King Felix Nero is said to have married Queen Nero five years ago with the relationship bearing three children but it is reported that Felix has lately been abusive and unfaithful to his spouse.

It is alleged that the husband, last year, 2021, had an affair with the wife’s cousin and the reports made rounds on all the Warri blogs.

As a result, Queen moved with her three kids to her parents house prompting King to plead with the blogs that had written about his infidelity to beg his wife to return home.

Queen is then said to have confided with friends that she will return home on Saturday, June 4, but the husband allegedly visited her on the same day where he caused mayhem and bit her nose off in her father’s house.

A graphic video shared online shows Queen Nero crying after the attack.

After public outcry, Felix took to social media to write a suicide note where he tells the public not to judge him as he alone knows of the depression he has been suffering.

Netizens are now calling on his wife to solve the differences and prevent her husband from committing suicide.