Kenya Meteorological Department Warns Of Heavy Rainfall, Strong Winds And Ocean Waves Until Wednesday

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued a comprehensive advisory spanning four days, warning of imminent heavy rainfall, potent winds, and towering ocean waves.

David Gikungu, the Director of Meteorological Services, emphasized that the deluge witnessed over the weekend across various regions, including the Lake Victoria Basin, the Rift Valley, and the Highlands flanking both sides of the Rift Valley, along with Nairobi, will persist into Sunday.

Anticipated rain intensification is projected to extend until Monday evening, encompassing the Rift Valley, both Western and Eastern Highlands adjacent to the Rift Valley, Nairobi, Lake Victoria Basin, and coastal areas through Monday and Tuesday.

Dr. Gikungu outlined a pattern of rainfall reduction inland by May 22nd, 2024, juxtaposed with a heightened coastal impact from May 22nd to 24th.

Additionally, the advisory forewarns of forceful gusts, considerable oceanic swells along the Indian Ocean, and robust southerly winds affecting the eastern sector.

In response, residents across several counties, including Kisumu, Homabay, Siaya, Migori, and others, are advised to exercise vigilance. High-risk locales span from West-Pokot to Kwale, encompassing various regions susceptible to adverse weather conditions.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant for potential floods, flash floods, and diminished visibility. Water bodies’ levels are anticipated to remain elevated, heightening the risk.

To mitigate risks, the department cautions against traversing through flowing water or open fields and recommends avoiding seeking shelter beneath trees or near exposed windows during lightning storms.

Particular emphasis is placed on residents in landslide-prone areas, where precautionary measures are paramount due to the potential for structural damage from strong winds and disruptions to marine activities due to large waves.

This advisory follows a period of fair weather across Kenya, marking a respite from the heavy rains of previous weeks, which inflicted substantial damage, resulting in casualties, injuries, and displacements.