Oga Obinna Speaks On “EATING” Samidoh’s Cousin Bernice Saroni

Obinna and Bernice Saroni have become the latest sensation in the celebrity world, as revealed by diligent online love detectives. Bernice spilled the beans when she shared a photo on her TikTok account, depicting an unidentified couple holding hands. Notably, the ring and wristwatch in the photo were unmistakably identical to those regularly worn by Obinna.

The two lovebirds further fueled speculation when they were captured singing along to Jay Melody’s romantic track ‘Nakupenda’ while enjoying quality time together in a car. Responding to the online buzz surrounding their seemingly romantic connection, Obinna didn’t confirm or deny the rumors outright. Instead, he posted a photo showcasing his ring and wristwatch, playfully alleging that there are copycats attempting to emulate his style.

“Ati Pete na Saa Imedo?🥱🙈. I know there are imposters out there trying to copy my style and swag. Guys, stop. Yaani mtu ametafuta Pete na watch hadi mkono ametafuta yenye inafanana na yangu surely…guys stop it.😤,” Obinna wrote in response to the speculation, adding, “Enyewa vitu hufanana🤭🙆🏿” in another post.

The flirtatious dynamic between Obinna and Bernice Saroni was evident during an interview on Obinna’s YouTube channel. When Bernice playfully urged Obinna to propose to her on the spot, he blushed, and a lighthearted exchange ensued.

Bernice: Ebu kuja ulete pete.

Obinna: Pete ndo hii.

Bernice: Kneel down.

Obinna: Ahhh.

Bernice: Don’t you know how to propose? Kwani mtu hupewa hivi ati pete ndo hii?

Obinna: Si umesema ulete ndo hii.

Bernice: No, you propose.

Fans tuning in to the live interview couldn’t help but notice the romantic tension between the two and urged them to stop beating around the bush and officially get together.

In the same interview, Bernice, based in the US, acknowledged the possibility of being in a long-distance relationship when asked by Obinna. She affirmed, “Yeah, why not.” Additionally, she opened up about her past marriage, disclosing that she parted ways with her ex-husband due to his infidelity.