” Wanasema Nikule Mwili ya brian Chira” Nyakwar Says People Are Planning To Kill Her on Chira’s Burial Day.

A wave of fear has gripped Auntie Nyakwar, a renowned TikTok personality and Flaqo’s relative, as she finds herself targeted by ominous threats. These threats, ominously promising her demise, emerged in the wake of her recent TikTok broadcast.

In her distressing TikTok Live session, Nyakwar Janeko recounted the distressing turn her life has taken since a particular video of hers went viral. This video, now infamous, featured Nyakwar delivering a stark warning to Brian Chira, foretelling his tragic demise.

In her warning to Chira, Nyakwar pleaded for him to abandon his alcohol consumption habits, cautioning him of the impending consequences should he continue down that path. Tragically, Nyakwar’s premonition manifested into reality when Chira found himself embroiled in a fatal accident while under the influence, succumbing to his injuries on the spot. The grim prophecy had been fulfilled.

However, instead of receiving acknowledgment for her earnest attempt to steer Chira away from his self-destructive behaviors, Nyakwar has become the subject of ire and animosity among certain factions of the TikTok community. Threats of violence now loom over her, with individuals vowing to take her life should she dare to attend Chira’s funeral.

Nyakwar finds herself in a state of profound trauma and trepidation, grappling with the chilling reality that her well-intentioned advice has resulted in a torrent of hostility directed towards her. She implores those who would seek her harm to recognize that her intentions were pure, rooted solely in a desire to safeguard Chira from the perils of alcohol abuse. The tragic loss of Brian Chira serves as a stark reminder of the devastating toll that alcohol can exact upon one’s life, a reality that Nyakwar had desperately sought to avert.