“Kama huyu ni Kibe, sina haraka”- Kenyans react on Andrew Kibe’s throwback photo.

Content creator Andrew Kibe has unveiled an exciting event slated for December in Kenya, aptly named “Graduation Day.” This announcement was made via his Instagram account, where he detailed his plans to ensure a fantastic experience for attendees. Kibe emphasized the importance of maintaining a manageable crowd and ensuring that everyone has a great time, underscoring his desire to avoid any unpleasant odors. The event will encompass a full-fledged celebration, although he initially considered accommodating 300 people but eventually decided against it.

Earlier in the week, Kibe faced the unfortunate termination of his YouTube channel. Remarkably, he had anticipated this outcome and openly discussed his expectations on social media platforms. Despite the challenges he faced, Kibe remains undeterred, proclaiming that not even death can hinder his determination.

Kibe’s recent events have sparked significant buzz, with many expressing their eagerness for the future. Some have humorously suggested that he might take up unconventional tasks like washing elderly individuals. Nevertheless, Kibe clarified that he was never an employee of YouTube, highlighting the lack of logical reasoning behind the channel’s termination. In response, he has launched his own platform, Yafreeka, which will officially go live by Friday.

Kibe’s message to fellow Kenyans is one of empowerment and self-reliance, urging them to establish their personal brands. He stresses the need to assert control over their own narratives and not be dominated by external entities. While he acknowledges the need to tread carefully to avoid offense, Kibe remains steadfast in his commitment to speaking his mind.

Furthermore, Kibe revealed that he foresaw the YouTube blackout three months ago, prompting him to embark on the creation of his own platform, which he believes will ultimately overshadow YouTube’s presence in Africa. He passionately encourages individuals to join his platform, Yafreeka, and commence sharing their content.