Sijakufa!! Reggae spinmaster MC Fullstop reacts to fake death news

Reggae MC Fullstop expressed his frustration over fake news about his death in a recent Instagram post. He took to Twitter to bemoan the fake news and seek help in reporting the account responsible for spreading it. The spin master was diagnosed with tuberculosis in March, which caused his left lung to collapse.

In his tweet, MC Fullstop expressed how the fake news had affected him, his family, and friends. He also questioned the authenticity of the first account that spread the news and wondered if it was a parody account. Despite multiple attempts to get the account to pull down the information, the account blocked him. He tagged the DCI and Kenya police, seeking their assistance in the matter.

Kenyans also expressed their displeasure and joined MC Fullstop in seeking justice. KOT searched social media apps for the individual behind the account and uncovered his Tiktok account. MC Fullstop reacted to the discovery and called for the young man behind the fake account to be arrested and held accountable for the damage caused to his life, medical condition, and family.

Overall, MC Fullstop’s reaction highlights the dangers of fake news and the need for people to be cautious and responsible when sharing information on social media. It also underscores the importance of seeking help from authorities when dealing with cybercrimes.