Wajackoyah: Why I was Blocked from Vying for Tottenham MP Seat in the UK

Roots Party official presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah says he fruitlessly tried to run for a parliamentary seat in the UK where he resided as a refugee.

Talking in an interview with a local FM station on Wednesday, Wajackoyah revealed that he was disqualified from the Tottenham parliamentary race since he didn’t have a wife.

“I have stood for elections in the UK. I was told ‘you are not ripe enough to be Tottenham MP because we have checked in your records and we have established that you have children with no wife. Tell us how you got these children yet you don’t have a wife,” Wajackoyah recalled.

The 2022 presidential competitor says that he was educated that he wouldn’t be allowed to vie for the seat since it is against the morals of people of the UK.

“I told them that I got the kids before getting married. The officials told me they could not allow me to run due to ethics. That’s why I have got solidarity to ethics,” Wajackoyah noted.