Nairobi ‘Kahawa Moto’ Hawkers Caught on Camera Washing Hands, Face In a Cooking Pot

The recent circulation of a viral video depicting ‘kahawa’ hawkers in Kenya has stirred significant public concern. In the footage, three unidentified individuals are observed in what appears to be a makeshift setting, engaged in the preparation of what seems to be coffee, albeit using unorthodox methods.

In the video, one man, clad in a red t-shirt and dark pants, is seen smoking what seems to be a joint, while two others are crouched over a cooking pot. They alternately add ‘kahawa’ to the pot and stir it with their bare hands. Another individual, partially obscured by hanging clothes, continuously stirs the concoction with bare hands, even bringing his hand to his face at one point, eliciting shock from onlookers recording the scene.

Towards the video’s conclusion, the man initially seen smoking leans over to pour more beverage from a brown thermos into the pot, surrounded by a total of five such flasks. Spectators express disbelief at the unsanitary preparation methods witnessed, raising questions about the quality of ‘kahawa’ commonly sold to unsuspecting consumers across Nairobi estates.

Upon its circulation on the internet, the video sparked widespread astonishment among Kenyans, prompting many to pledge against purchasing coffee from street vendors in the future. Commenters expressed concerns over the health risks posed by such practices, with some condemning the blatant disregard for public welfare in pursuit of profit.

While the majority of ‘kahawa’ vendors are believed to hail from neighboring countries, the nationalities of those depicted in the video remain unverified. A cup of this street coffee typically sells for as little as Ksh. 10 and is served in small, disposable cups.