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” Umeanza Kukula Kondoo” Reactions After Simping  Pastor Kanyari Promised V8 and Mercedes Benz To A Cute Ladie’s Parents.

Pastor Kanyari, a figure often shrouded in controversy, recently caused a stir on TikTok, becoming the center of attention for a while. His entrance onto the platform sparked discussions after he openly confessed his admiration for a woman named Wakesho, who appeared to reside in the coastal region.

During a TikTok livestream, Kanyari encountered Wakesho and became intrigued by her. Her captivating voice and appealing profile picture led Kanyari to develop feelings, prompting him to encourage her to transition from a static photo to a video so he could see more of her.

The incident drew attention with the headline “Starting to Eat Mutton,” as Pastor Kanyari, known for his flamboyant promises, pledged to change Wakesho’s life entirely. Expressing his infatuation, Kanyari declared his intention to purchase luxury vehicles—a V8 and a Mercedes Benz—for Wakesho’s parents, along with proposing marriage to Wakesho herself. He laid bare his emotions and implored her to start preparing for a shared future.

During the live session, Pastor Kanyari even sent Wakesho money for shopping, a gesture he has reportedly repeated with others, including Tizian Savage. However, his actions stirred mixed reactions among Kenyans, with some finding his behavior excessive and labeling it as “simping.”