Vihiga Man Finds his wife naked with her pastor in their bed and takes a selfie with them.

Drama unfolded in Hamisi, Vihiga County, when a local teacher found himself in a bewildering situation. Samson Onyiso, a resident of the area, was left utterly shocked and betrayed after discovering his wife in an inappropriate situation with a pastor, who happened to also work as an electrician. Seeking assistance with the installation of their new 43-inch television, Samson had entrusted the pastor with the task.

Leaving the house for approximately an hour, Samson intended to provide the pastor with ample space to mount the TV securely. However, upon his return, he was met with a distressing sight – his wife and the pastor engaging in intimate behavior.

Overwhelmed by a mix of anger and disbelief, Samson found himself incapable of shouting, screaming, or confronting the deceitful pastor physically. Instead, he made a decision to capture the shocking scene through a selfie. This unconventional act was motivated by his desire to expose the pastor’s indiscretions before the community and his own in-laws, hoping to bring public shame upon the guilty parties involved.