Reason I Divorced my Wife to Marry My Beautiful House Maid, Man Tells Court

When the husband initiated divorce proceedings and subsequently married his housekeeper, the seven-year union with his wife, which produced two children, encountered turbulence.

In response, the wife opted to pursue legal action in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

Expressing deep shock and dismay, the wife professed her enduring love and devotion to her husband, finding herself blindsided by his actions.

When questioned in court regarding his wife’s allegations, the husband maintained his stance, unwavering in his decision.

Addressing the court, the husband voiced his discontent with the marriage, citing his wife’s perceived idleness and delegation of household responsibilities to the housekeeper. He recounted numerous attempts by elders to mediate, all of which proved fruitless.

Furthermore, he criticized his wife’s lack of personal involvement in household chores, often issuing instructions to the housekeeper while preoccupied with her phone or television.

The husband lamented that his wife, particularly on weekends when she wasn’t working, prioritized social engagements over domestic duties, neglecting his preferences in meals and occasionally returning home intoxicated from social events.

In a curious turn, the husband urged the court to consider his wife’s long nails as evidence of her alleged incapacity for household chores.

Despite his grievances, the husband remained resolute in his decision to marry the housekeeper, who had assumed responsibility for childcare and domestic upkeep.