Karen Nyamu Speaks on Being Samidoh’s Second Wife -
My wife is my prayer warrior, CLAIMS Samidoh as he vows not to CHEAT again

Karen Nyamu Speaks on Being Samidoh’s Second Wife

Nairobi politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has said she isn’t interested on being the second wife to Samidoh.

Talking during an interview with Jalang’o TV, Karen Nyamu noted that from her experience, she doesn’t believe in marriages.

“We are raising a child that is forever… me as Karen, mambo ya marriage, it just happens that I have had this past where watu wengi wananikatia and pursue me seriously are married people, so I kind of shy off from marriage… Sionangi marriages ikiwa true, I could be wrong…there are very good marriages, somebody’s opinion is shaped by their experiences,” she said.

During the interview, Karen excused claims that she is a homewrecker, taking note of that she respects Samidoh’s wife and never had any intentions of destroying their marriage.

She was sorry to Samidoh’s wife, saying that she didn’t know that the musician is married.

“I’m very sorry for the anguish that I have caused you and all along I thought you knew. Your husband told me you knew. I’m really sorry,” she said.

As to whether she has ever met Samidoh’s wife, Karen answered in the affirmative, adding that she even helped her put together documents for a Sh9 million tender that she is currently servicing.