Mwalimu Rachel says managing Sailors is one of her biggest regrets -

Mwalimu Rachel says managing Sailors is one of her biggest regrets

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel has expressed deep regret over her management of the popular gengetone music group Sailors.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the media personality hinted at the negative experiences she faced, including being detained in a police cell, and admitted that managing Sailors is her biggest life regret thus far.

“One of my biggest regrets is managing Sailors. Have you ever found yourself locked up by the police? I have,” she revealed.

Given the chance to turn back time, she insinuated that she would never have accepted the job in the first place.

In a previous revelation, Mwalimu Rachel disclosed the fallout she experienced, during which she was accused of blocking access to the Sailor’s YouTube channel. This led to online death threats directed at both her and her son, causing significant distress.

“The amount of negativity I’ve encountered online has deeply shaken me. My son and I have received death threats from fans because of the YouTube channel incident,” she shared.

During the fallout in 2019, Mwalimu Rachel faced accusations of stifling the gengetone group’s musical career, with Sailor’s fans even contacting her employer to demand her termination.

However, she clarified that she never played a role in ending their career.

“I did not kill their career. People may think so and have taken steps to have me fired, but they are unaware of the full story. Unfortunately, social media functions in this way, and little can be done to change that,” she clarified.

Additionally, she revealed that she intentionally kept the details of her association with Sailors, including the fallout, away from the public eye to protect them.

“I have chosen to remain silent not only to protect myself but also to shield them. They understand this. Turmoil should not prevent you from caring like a mother, and my motherly love for them has always been present,” she explained during that period.

Just last month, Mwalimu Rachel confidently showcased her achievements through social media, emphasizing her significant impact and asserting that her accomplishments with the group were unmatched and untouchable.

“Sailors. Managed them with my team. In just two freaking years, they became a force. They won five freaking awards and gained international recognition. I am well aware of my abilities and what I can accomplish. I hold power. These achievements cannot be taken away from me. So, for those who doubt, respectfully, choke on it,” she confidently tweeted.