Bahati Cautions Men On Dating Luo Women -

Bahati Cautions Men On Dating Luo Women

Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have been candid about their relationship, often sharing personal details with fans. In a recent video on Diana’s YouTube channel, the couple played a game called “who’s likely to,” offering fans a more in-depth look at their seven-year marriage.

During the game, they were asked who is less likely to apologize when in the wrong. Bahati pointed to Diana and remarked that women from her community are proud and always believe they are right. He went on to say that if someone wants to marry a Luo woman, they should be prepared to always be in the wrong.

Diana responded by explaining that even when she does apologize, Bahati will continue to ask questions and seek further explanations about what the argument was about.

As the video drew to a close, Diana surprised Bahati by admitting that when they first met, his Kamba accent turned her off. She used to wonder why the award-winning musician spoke that way.