“Pesa Wewe”:Diana Marua Flaunts her Daughter Attending An Online Class

Heaven Bahati, the eldest daughter of Diana Marua, has become a talking point online due to her active participation in online classes. In a recent video shared by her mother on Instagram, Heaven can be seen fully engaged in her virtual classroom activities, attentively listening to her teacher and responding to questions. Equipped with her laptop, books, pencil, and eraser, she appears fully immersed in her educational journey.

Diana proudly commended her daughter’s dedication, expressing her joy at Heaven’s enthusiasm for learning despite the current circumstances preventing physical attendance at school. She took to Instagram to share her admiration, highlighting Heaven’s commitment to her studies.

The online community also chimed in with positive remarks, with one user named Loreighne expressing solidarity with Heaven’s learning experience, indicating that they too were participating in online classes. This interaction underscores the widespread adoption of remote learning as a viable alternative during these times when traditional schooling has been disrupted.

Heaven is Diana’s first child, while her husband Bahati has another daughter from a previous relationship, and together they have adopted a son, bringing the total count of their children to five.

As the wait for school reopening continues, with the president’s directive postponing it until May 13th, many schools have embraced online learning to ensure continuity in education. This proactive approach reflects the resilience of both educators and students in adapting to new modes of learning.

Online reactions from netizens further attest to the admiration for Heaven’s attentiveness and the acknowledgment of the challenges some families face in accessing education during these uncertain times. The supportive comments reflect a collective appreciation for the efforts made to prioritize learning amidst adversity.