Waithaka wa Jane, 25 Years Old Form Three Dropout Making Millions from MUGITHII Music

Meet Waithaka wa Jane, popularly known as Karaiku Master, a formidable force in the entertainment industry despite having dropped out of high school in the third form.

Waithaka wa Jane, born in 1998 into a family of eight, has undergone a remarkable transformation from a skilled drummer and guitarist to a celebrated musician and performing artist.

His journey in the entertainment realm commenced in 2016 when he relocated to Nairobi and found accommodation with his elder brother. Initially, he played drum sets and guitar for the seasoned musician Pato wa Gathoni, an experience that allowed him to refine his guitar-playing skills.

In 2020, he took a bold step into the spotlight as a solo artist. Unfortunately, his burgeoning career faced a setback with the onset of the pandemic, severely impacting the economy. Undeterred, Waithaka wa Jane remained dedicated to elevating his brand, accepting modest payments for performances and making minimal demands, even showcasing his talent on radio stations during the challenging period.

His breakthrough moments occurred during performances at Coro FM, where he was hosted by Joy wa Macharia, and Inooro FM, under the guidance of Nyoks wa Katta. These appearances catapulted his music career to new heights.

Waithaka wa Jane’s discography boasts hit songs such as “Wangeci Mwana Ni Eee Kumosa,” “Niki Waheire,” “Wandigiire Mwana Ukihika,” and “Mwenda Ng’endo.” Additionally, he has delivered captivating cover songs, including the popular “Karaiku.”

In a recent twist, he found himself in a legal predicament with JB Maina, a renowned old-school singer, for allegedly performing the veteran’s songs without permission. Faced with the threat of a lawsuit, Waithaka wa Jane approached JB Maina, and they amicably resolved the matter out of court.

Despite his rising fame, Waithaka wa Jane has maintained a degree of privacy regarding his family matters. Limited details are available in the public domain, but he recently shared the heartbreaking news of his son’s demise through his Facebook page.