Mugithi and GengeTone Artist Peter Miracle Baby Announces His New Path as a Pastor “Hakuna Kurudi Nyuma.”

Peter Miracle Baby has taken a significant step in his life, announcing that he is now a pastor. The former musician shared photos of himself in a church, bowing as he received prayers.

Miracle Baby expressed his gratitude to Apostle John Paul for ordaining him as a pastor. He declared that his journey as Pastor Peter Mwangi has officially begun and that there is no turning back.

“I have been approved as a pastor by Apostle John Paul. I will serve God. Thank you, Apostle John Paul, for anointing me with oil. I will serve God until the end of the world,” he proclaimed.

In January 2024, Miracle Baby faced a life-changing event when he was hospitalized and underwent four surgeries for a gastrointestinal condition that had afflicted him since 2018. The financial strain of his medical treatment led his partner, Katrue, to seek assistance as she cared for him.

Following his recovery, Miracle Baby announced a major transformation in his life in February 2024. He decided to leave behind his secular music career to dedicate his life to spreading the word of God.

In a heartfelt video shared with his fans, Miracle Baby expressed his gratitude for their support and revealed his commitment to his new path as a pastor.