Tribute to The Late journalist Tinina in her final Journey To Her Resting place.

A somber atmosphere enveloped the serene grounds of Noosupeni Farm in Olokirikirai, Narok County, as friends, family, colleagues, and dignitaries bid farewell to the esteemed journalist, Rita Tinina Yiapan. Her passing on March 17 due to severe pneumonia left a profound void in the hearts of many. Amidst tears and laughter, heartfelt tributes painted a picture of Rita as not only a remarkable journalist but also a compassionate and supportive individual.

Described as kind, humble, and immensely talented, Rita’s legacy resonated deeply with those who knew her. She was celebrated for her integrity and unwavering willingness to extend a helping hand whenever needed. As the youngest of seven siblings, Rita would have turned 46 on the day of her burial, a fact that added poignancy to the occasion.

During the ceremony, reminiscences of Rita’s life evoked a spectrum of emotions among the gathering. From cherished memories to everyday moments, each anecdote underscored the profound impact she had on those around her. Despite the grief that pervaded the atmosphere, there was solace in the realization of how Rita had touched numerous lives in meaningful ways.

Among the mourners, her closest friends, affectionately referred to as her “strong pillars,” paid tribute with poignant gestures. The poignant strains of “Bwana u Sehemu Yangu” filled the air, symbolizing both grief and gratitude for the time shared with Rita. Duncan Khaemba, a close friend, struggled to articulate his emotions, encapsulating the collective sentiment of loss felt by many.

As tributes poured in from various quarters, it became evident that Rita’s impact transcended the boundaries of profession and community. Colleagues, government officials, and political figures alike praised her for her outstanding character and unwavering dedication to her craft. From the Kenya Editors Guild to media houses she had served, accolades echoed her virtues of humility, reliability, and supportiveness.

Notably, Rita’s influence extended beyond the realm of journalism, as evidenced by the presence of dignitaries like Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina and President William Ruto’s Press Secretary Emmanuel Talam. Senator ole Kina lauded Rita for placing Olokirikirai on the global map and pledged support for her daughter’s education. President Ruto’s message highlighted Rita’s exceptional storytelling prowess and her ability to foster genuine friendships.

The final journey began at Umash Funeral Home in Nakuru, where loved ones gathered to accompany Rita to her resting place in Olokirikirai. Amidst the solemnity of the occasion, there was a palpable sense of gratitude for having known and shared life’s journey with Rita Tinina Yiapan, a journalist whose legacy will endure through the lives she touched and the stories she told.