Mike Sonko Warns Andrew Kibe About Mentioning His Name On His Show.

In a recent video, former Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, delivered a strong warning to content creator Andrew Kibe regarding the mention of his name on his shows. Sonko firmly advised Kibe against targeting Kenyan celebrities, especially women, and expressed his frustration over Kibe’s habit of attacking women in the entertainment industry.

Sonko raised concerns about Kibe’s content approach, citing examples of celebrities like Bahati, Kamene Goro, Millicent Omanga, and Karen Nyamu being targeted by him. As someone who considers himself a brand and values his privacy, Sonko emphasized that he doesn’t feel the need to flaunt his personal life. He condemned Kibe’s tendency to spread gossip and even went as far as labeling Kibe as a “nobody,” urging the content creator to show respect towards others.

During the video, Sonko made it clear that he was well aware of Kibe’s actions and requested him to keep his private life out of the content. He also pointed out Kibe’s attacks on individuals such as Bahati, a young man working hard to make a living, and prominent figures like Kamene Goro, Millicent Omanga, and Karen Nyamu.

Furthermore, Sonko surprised many by offering Kibe a job. He invited Kibe to come and confront them while in the country, but also warned him to behave. Sonko suggested that if Kibe was desperate for views, he could join his team, implying that he should channel his energies into more positive pursuits.

In conclusion, Mike Sonko’s message to Andrew Kibe was clear and direct: refrain from attacking women and spreading gossip about individuals, respect others’ privacy, and consider adopting a more constructive approach to content creation.