Former kenya’s President uhuru Kenyatta Donates Ksh.2M To RedCross for Flood Victims

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has contributed Ksh.2 million to the Kenya Red Cross Society in support of those affected by the ongoing floods, which are causing widespread devastation and loss of life across the country.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Uhuru expressed that the funds would provide essential relief to flood victims and emphasized his solidarity with them during this challenging time. He extended his thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the floods and encouraged fellow Kenyans to come together in support.

“The continuous rainfall has resulted in significant destruction, displacing families, damaging infrastructure, and tragically claiming lives. In the face of this natural disaster’s aftermath, my heart goes out to the affected communities,” stated the former Head of State.

He further stressed the importance of national unity and resilience during times of adversity, highlighting the need for compassion and support among citizens.

Uhuru also offered guidance to citizens, advising them to steer clear of flood-prone areas and relocate to higher ground for safety. Additionally, he appealed to healthcare providers to attend to injured flood victims despite the ongoing strike, emphasizing the crucial role of communication in addressing their grievances.

“Let us navigate through these challenging times together, emerging stronger, more resilient, and more united than ever,” concluded Uhuru.