TikToker Naiseku,Klaus and Kayet explain why they left Thee Alfa House

Kenyan TikTok sensations Klaus, Naiseku, and Kayet have recently shed light on their departure from ‘The Alfa House Crew’.

In a candid interview, the trio disclosed that their decision stemmed from a failure to reach mutual terms during contract renegotiations.

“It’s simply time for growth… Though we won’t delve into specifics, there were certain factors at play. While contract renewals were on the table, we ultimately chose not to proceed due to various reasons,” they clarified.

Moreover, they cited recurrent issues cropping up during contract discussions as a catalyst for their departure, prompting them to explore new avenues.

Last year, the team clinched the coveted Pulse Influencer Awards for their outstanding dance prowess.

The Alfa House issued a statement bidding farewell to the departing dancers, hinting at their pursuit of fresh opportunities to further their careers. Despite their departure, the statement acknowledged the significant impact the trio had on the crew and expressed gratitude for their contributions.

Dear TikTok aficionados and dance enthusiasts, brace yourselves for some poignant news! It’s with a mix of nostalgia and anticipation that we announce the departure of not one, not two, but three remarkable members from our dance ensemble.

Yes, you read that correctly! Our vibrant trio is embarking on new ventures, leaving behind a legacy of mesmerizing moves and infectious energy that have graced our screens time and again.

But fret not, dear friends! While they bid adieu to our virtual stage, their imprint endures in every routine, every step, and every cherished memory they leave in their wake.