Brian Chira’s Grandmother Sends a Message to Baba T, Tells Him to Leave Her Family Alone

Brian Chira’s grandmother, Esther Njeri, recently conveyed a message aimed at Baba Talisha through an online video. She expressed her frustration with Baba Talisha’s claims of deep knowledge about her family, citing instances of disrespect from him and his partner despite their youth. She also noted their apparent aversion to any TikTokers visiting her.

The grandmother voiced her distress over these events, stating that they have significantly disrupted her peace, making it difficult for her to rest or sleep. Moreover, she urged those investigating Chira’s death to continue their efforts, emphasizing her desire to uncover the truth surrounding her grandson’s passing.

Tensions between Chira’s grandmother and Baba Talisha escalated shortly after Chira’s funeral. Allegations arose regarding the grandmother not receiving the entirety of the funds collected during her grandson’s burial.

Esther Njeri accused Baba Talisha and his purported wife, Brenda Wanjiku, of exerting undue influence over the funeral proceedings, including controlling finances. She described feeling isolated and powerless, as her phone was taken away, preventing her from accessing important communications and contributions from well-wishers.

In response to these accusations, Baba Talisha addressed the public via a live broadcast, vehemently denying all allegations against him. He expressed disappointment at being accused despite his efforts to assist, but also issued a warning of potential legal action for defamation.

Baba Talisha’s remarks hinted at a deeper understanding of the grandmother’s character, suggesting a complicated relationship between them. He hinted at a history known to locals, particularly those familiar with the grandmother from Githunguri, while also expressing doubt about future charitable endeavors on social media in light of the situation.